What You Should Know About Your Home Builder Brisbane

Exclusive Steel Homes, your home builder in Brisbane, will focus entirely on your enjoyment and experience throughout the whole process. We aim to design and build your dream home with you to ensure everything is as perfect as you imagined. A home builder will work through your architecture and construction plans.  Read more!

Experienced Custom Home Builder in Brisbane To Design Your Dream Home

You’ve got the land, the view, and the dream in your head. If building your own home from scratch sounds intimidating, consider working with a custom home builder in Brisbane. Exclusive Steel Homes offers a custom home design and construction service to make your dream home a reality. Read more!

We’re Your Sloping Block Builder in Brisbane


If you’ve decided to build your dream home on a slope, you might worry that it’s going to be a difficult task—and you’re right, if you don’t approach it the right way. With Exclusive Steel Homes as your go-to company for a sloping block builder in Brisbane, you can be sure that a professional and experienced team will be with you every step of the way. Read more! 

Sloping Block Builder Gold Coast


If you are looking to build a home on a piece of ground that is sloping, you will require the services of a sloping block builder in the Gold Coast? In a perfect world, every piece of land on which there is a home to be built is nice and even and, most importantly, flat. Unfortunately, life is never quite that simple. Building on a sloping block can be quite complex, but luckily, we are up to the task. Read more! 

We're A Sloping Block Builder from The Sunshine Coast


Imagine that you've discovered the ideal piece of land for your dream house. The issue is that the land slopes which you assume are problematic for the build. Building a house on a slope should be comfortable for a professional and experienced builder. Correct research, ample preparation and a competent sloping block builder near the Sunshine Coast are all you require. Exclusive Steel Homes provides a comprehensive service and will be with you from the time you acquire the land until you enter the door to your new home. Read more!

Get Your Dream House With a Luxury Home Builder in Brisbane


Building a home is one of the most important decisions you can make, and you’ll need to get it right the first time around to avoid spending more money correcting mistakes. With the many architectural and building companies around the area, finding the right luxury home builder in Brisbane is the first step you’ll take to living in your dream house. Many components go into building a house; therefore, you need to ensure the company you choose is hands-on with each of them, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. Read more!

Opportunity to Knock on the Door of a Luxury Home Builder in the Gold Coast


At Exclusive Steel Homes, your luxury home builder in the Gold Coast, we manage the design and construction of your home from start to finish. We build custom homes at competitive prices, concentrating on sloping blocks, knockdowns and rebuilds coupled with exceptional customer service and a local, hands-on approach. Read more!

We Are Honoured to Be Your Luxury Home Builder in the Sunshine Coast


You have decided where you want to build your dream home. You have dreamt about this moment for so long and redesigned the interior a hundred times over—finally, you’ve reached the point at which this dream home will become a reality. Your home is your safe space, a place of refuge and comfort, and this build will be a life-changing decision with results that you will enjoy for many years to come. Read more! 

Split Level Homes in Brisbane

There is no disputing the popularity of split level homes in Brisbane. In addition to being an excellent solution for building on a sloping block, of which there are many in the Brisbane area, it also provides many options for innovative custom home designs ideal for the modern Australian family. Read more!

We’ll Take Care of Your Knockdown Rebuild in Brisbane


If you still love the neighbourhood that you’re in but not your home, you can ask our team to perform a knockdown rebuild near Brisbane for you. The name suggests exactly what it is: you will be able to build a new home, add a part, or extend a specific room. Read more!