Home Builder Brisbane

What You Should Know About Your Home Builder Brisbane


Exclusive Steel Homes, your home builder in Brisbane, will focus entirely on your enjoyment and experience throughout the whole process. We aim to design and build your dream home with you to ensure everything is as perfect as you imagined. A home builder will work through your architecture and construction plans. We pay close attention to what you want and make use of high-quality materials with competitive pricing.


Services We Offer As Home Builders


Our home builders in Brisbane offer a wide variety of services to ensure your dream home comes to life.


  • Our architects and designers will work tirelessly with you to ensure your custom home is unique and perfect. We customise the design around your vision, the land you have bought, and your chosen lifestyle. We will take the time to get to know you and your family to ensure we build a beautiful and practical home.

  • Sloping blocks can be a challenge for regular builders; however, we aim to excel at designing and building homes on sloping blocks. There are so many different ways around the complex issues these land parcels offer, we pay close attention to minor details such as kitchen window views and garden space. We build according to the unique rise and fall of the land and ensure there are no surprises.

  • If you’re thinking of renovations, we recommend a knockdown and rebuild option. Usually, the costs are similar, so this will allow you to build a space exactly how you want it, with all the details and appliances you want. A knockdown and rebuild will give you complete design freedom from top to bottom.


Benefits Of Steel Framed Homes


We understand the reluctance of building a steel home; it is strange and new. Our home builder on the Gold Coast will be able to answer all your refined questions, but for now, we’ve included the list of benefits you will experience through building a custom steel home.


  • Timber homes tend to flex and warp over time. They sometimes swell around the roofs and ceilings and deteriorate throughout the years. A steel home will remain straight and strong for many years. The frame of a steel home is sturdy and can withstand harsh weather and environments.

  • Steel is a non-combustible material which means it won’t add fuel to fires. The fire resistance of steel may reduce the spread of a fire throughout the home while maintaining the quality of the steel. Steel also creates positive earth, meaning lightning will pass straight through to the ground and dissipate without any added damage to you or your home.

  • A steel home is termite-proof. We know you can treat timber for termites, which might make a home termite resistant. However, avoiding the whole termite versus harsh chemical choice altogether will help you sleep a lot better at night.

  • The sustainability of a steel home is incredible. Building this home will require no deforestation; it will help lower carbon emissions, improve air quality, and steel recycling doesn’t require a large landfill waste as timber does.


Signs You Should Invest in a Steel Framed Home


You'd want a custom steel home; one prominent aspect is that it will be your dream home in reality. A custom steel home builder in the Sunshine Coast is exactly what you need to make your dreams come true.


  • If you need complete design and build freedom, our custom home option will be ideal for you. You will be able to work with one of our architects on the entire design and layout of your home. Our designers will provide you with practical advice on works, and with this, we create your dream home together.

  • A new home means new appliances, furniture, and equipment. With this comes warranties and guarantees to ensure all your household items have low maintenance. You can always choose low maintenance appliances with our designers to ensure you won’t have to replace anything for a few years.

  • Building a steel home is incredibly cost-effective. Not only will you save on the building materials and time it will take, but your maintenance costs will also be much lower if you know exactly what goes where and how everything works. A timber home comes with issues such as swelling and sagging, where a steel home doesn’t.

  • Your home will be exactly how you want it, so if you are looking for 100% satisfaction, this is the way to get it.


Why Trust Exclusive Steel Homes


At Exclusive Steel Homes, we only use high-quality materials and aim to remain on time and within budget. We pay remarkably close attention to detail while building a creative relationship with all our clients. We aim to work with you from start to finish, from the designing processes until you move into your dream home. Our architects provide you with practical and smart living spaces ensuring your home is energy efficient and functional.


We offer a stress-free, fun, and intimate environment for anybody to feel right at home. You have the opportunity to work directly with the owners as we are a boutique-style business. Contact us today to start designing and building your dream home.