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We Are Honoured to Be Your Luxury Home Builder in the Sunshine Coast


You have decided where you want to build your dream home. You have dreamt about this moment for so long and redesigned the interior a hundred times over—finally, you’ve reached the point at which this dream home will become a reality. Your home is your safe space, a place of refuge and comfort, and this build will be a life-changing decision with results that you will enjoy for many years to come.


We know that there is no room for error. Our team is honoured to be your luxury home builder in the Sunshine Coast. Let us take the reins and make your dreams come true with our custom-built steel frame homes.


The Benefits of Choosing a Steel Frame Home


Let us help you make your decision by sharing why our bespoke steel homes may be the right choice for you:


  • Strong and durable. Steel frame homes are lighter and stronger than a traditional weight-bearing masonry home. Steel fabrication is 40% to 50% more lightweight than a wooden home equivalent. This fact enables steel frame homes to be far lighter yet more durable.

  • Pest resistant. Unlike a wooden home, steel frame constructions cannot be eaten away by rodents or other burrowing insects or creatures. You are automatically building a pest-free home structure.

  • Weather resistant. Steel structures can have strong moisture-resistant properties. If you enhance your structural steel component with a hot zinc coating or extra powder treatments, it is more likely to resist rust and the elements.


What You Can Expect From Us


We offer bespoke building services and are ready to help you achieve your goals. Let us build your dream house today.


  • Smart home systems. Just because you have opted for a lighter, more sustainable steel structure doesn’t mean that you can't have all the perks that should come with your new home. We work with the latest technology and keep abreast of industry trends. We can create and install a smart home system into your home to help make your life just a little bit easier.

  • Adaptable layouts. We recognise that spaces need to serve multiple purposes and redesigning innovatively needs to reflect this fact. Many of us keep busy family lives but also work or run businesses from home and separating every sphere of life into a different room simply isn’t a reality. We acknowledge that, as times are changing, we must change how we think about design and reinvent the way that we build our homes. Let us think outside of the box for you—and know that your house doesn't have to be a box, either.

  • Bespoke home design. We are a proud team of in-house builders and designers who are committed, taking care of intricate details while working with top-quality materials to deliver nothing but the best in service.


About Us


We are a boutique operation, and we approach each project personally. We look forward to meeting you in-house at our Newport, Queensland office. Alternately, you can give us a call.


Should you have any questions, simply contact us.