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Imagine that you've discovered the ideal piece of land for your dream house. The issue is that the land slopes which you assume are problematic for the build. Building a house on a slope should be comfortable for a professional and experienced builder. Correct research, ample preparation and a competent sloping block builder near the Sunshine Coast are all you require. Exclusive Steel Homes provides a comprehensive service and will be with you from the time you acquire the land until you enter the door to your new home.


Benefits of Building Split Level Homes on the Sunshine Coast


Split level homes are the ideal solution to sloping land since they follow the earth's natural flow. The result is an architectural wonder that offers you ample space and a unique home. These are some of the benefits you enjoy when you embrace building a split level house.


  • Living in a studio apartment will force you to appreciate the concept of space. Having a large family requires a certain degree of privacy for each occupant, which a split level home delivers. This design allows for an open common area such as the kitchen and lounge while a mere half flight of stairs away is the comfort of privacy.

  • You'll likely have breath-taking views from your sloping block, especially if you're near the ocean. Having a higher vantage point than other houses in your neighbourhood is a worthy side effect of building on a slope. When the time comes for you to place the house on the market, you can be certain of fetching the price you desire.

  • Even when you're limited in terms of the size of the land, a split level home provides generous space. You never know what the future holds in terms of family growth, and to ensure that everyone is comfortable, you would require sufficient space.


Tips Regarding Split Level Homes on the Sunshine Coast


Working with the natural gradient of the land is a critical point of modern architecture. Here's how you can maximise this scenario.


  • When designing the home, you should consider the absorption of light into the building. Based on your preferences, you'd have to place certain rooms in a particular position.

  • Split level construction allows you to develop some great open living spaces. You can use the existing gradient to install sunken pools, spas or a secluded deck.

  • Since your home is on a slope, you must bear in mind its exposure to extreme weather conditions. Stormwater and subsurface drainage is essential to channel excess water away from your building.


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We are sloping block builders with a collective experience of over 120 years in the industry. We've completed several similar projects and offer our services from the design phase until the final touches. Our team conducts a detailed investigation and plans the build to perfection.


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