Sloping Block Home Builders Brisbane

Building homes on a sloping block can often scare off builders, but not us.  Here at Exclusive Steel Homes we are actively using our extensive experience to ensure you get your dream home, regardless of the. Both our onsite and in office teams have up close and personal knowledge of tackling a wide range of block variations, including the intimidating sloping block.

Any house built on a slope needs to have a custom designed home that takes into account the rise and fall of the block. Because we specialise in custom homes, this gives us a distinct advantage in the design and construction of homes on any sloping block.

Exclusive Steel Homes has already completed numerous sloping block house plans across greater Brisbane. We find sloping blocks to be an amazing opportunity to think outside the square and really let creativity take the reins. These challenging blocks are when innovation and communication are integral to the build, which can scare off building companies that are not as well versed in the complexity of a sloping block build.

Building On A Sloping Block Brisbane:

To do this requires a high standard of planning to ensure details such as views, access and site drainage are not compromised or sacrificed. These are a few of things that can be easily overlooked by inexperienced builders, which will result in unforeseen expensive variations for the owners. Experience shows us that typical kit builds, and mainstream designs are not ideally suited to the characteristics of a sloping block

Building with us means there is no reason to let a sloping block stop you from building your dream home in your dream location. We have a very straightforward approach to building which ensures that we enhance all the best qualities of your block and skillfully use them to enhance your homes design and construction.

Our experts follow a proven project workflow which helps us meet deadlines and fulfill the desired expectations of our clients. We also use the very latest technology and equipment to ensure we deliver the very highest standards of project outcomes for our clients. Our personnel have years of experience in the construction of homes on sloping blocks enabling us to build beautiful homes on time and within budget every time. This means you can completely rely on us from the planning stage all the way through to the implementation of the project.

At Exclusive Steel Homes we pride ourselves on being the best sloping block home builders in Brisbane with affordable costs and excellent work quality.

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